Apr 20, 2010

Eco-Friendly Homegoods

Since Earth Day is this week, I thought it would be nice to show some eco-friendly home goods. These are all made from either earth friendly fabrics (hemp, linen, or jute) or recycled materials and are all really stylish.

These three are all made of recycled cardboard and have a water varnish. So hard to believe that desk is all cardboard. Available at Cardboard Future.

The egg crate is made of factory excess wool felt. It folds flat for storage and can be linked together for a cool landscape effect. This could make a really fun centerpiece depending on what you put in it. The lamp is all recycled plastic and takes a compact florescent bulb. All designed by Josh Jakus; available online from FUZ!

The pendant light is my favorite. It is made from recycled steel and a chalkboard. How much fun could this be...write the menu, notes, quotes or birthday wishes. The rug is hand made from natural materials and colored with vegetable dyes. Both available through Green Depot.

The pretty linen place mats are handmade in Lithuania and come in a few colors and pattern. The vases are made in Spain from recycled sea glass. Available from Brook Farm General Store (...love).
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