Apr 19, 2010

A Roll a Week

Week 16 is up over at A Roll a Week. I broke them into two post again this week. One is from a walk I took yesterday morning after it stopped raining. The second is a series from downtown Providence, RI. All three of my RISD classes are in the downtown building around the corner from where these were taken. I have an hour and half break on one of the days and last week the light was perfect. I love all the colors and the shadows. This is my favorite series so far.

These two pictures were also on the roll but they didn't really fit anywhere so I thought I'd post them here. Last week I found a copy of Birds of America by John James Audubon from the 50's. The whole book is full of these beautiful color illustrations and a little bit about the birds. It looks pretty good for being in a dusty old box for years.

So tell me, did you all have good weekends? What did you do?

Hope you all have a great week!

P.S. 52 Weeks is up, have a look. We tried for a couple of weeks to do themed photos but we decided it was much easier to go back to random pictures. I think this weeks juxtaposition is really nice.
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