Apr 21, 2010

A Recycled Home

Following along with the Earth Day theme from yesterday, I love this apartment furnished beautifully with recycled and reused materials...and a lot of great vintage finds.

When Dan Thibeault bought this 1,400 square foot loft in New Hampshire it was a raw empty canvas. Inspired by a seaside home he saw in a magazine, he set out to decorate it without taking out a loan. Going for the rustic look, allowed him to save money by only using one coat of plaster. A friend built the island and he poured the concrete counter tops and whitewashed the beams and floors himself.

Both the bench and the console are made from recycled wood. The bench was made by a local craftsman and Thibeault made the console himself from scrap lumber.

He filled in the rest with antique shop, auction, yard sales, salvage yards, and pieces he had collected prior. He also has a few new reproductions in the mix but for the most part the home is a great example of recycling and reusing.

(all images from Country Living February 2010)
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