Mar 4, 2010

A Mad Tea Party

Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite of mine and I'm very excited to go see Tim Burton's interpretation this weekend. What better way to celebrate but with a little tea party of your own!

Bake Labs has created this super cute Tea Party Curio box inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Inside of the "We're all a little mad here..." box you get:

2 Red Rose Petit Fours

2 Unbirthday Cakes (Devil's Food with vanilla icing)

3 Cheshire Cat Macarons (with Earl Grey filling)

2 green envelopes of Candied Pistachios

2 "Taste Me" cookies

3 Curiously Sweet Mushrooms (meringue mushrooms)

A spread worthy of the Hatter and the March Hare. It might even be enough keep the Dormouse awake.


  1. That is such a cute idea, and it looks delicious :)

  2. The perfect balance of portion size and exquisiteness!

  3. we blogged about the same thing today! lol
    love it!

  4. That is beyond adorable. I want to indulge in all its contents right now!

  5. Perfect for this wonderland weekend!

  6. Ha - this is too cute. I would love to attend a party like this.


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