Mar 8, 2010

Greenhouse Escape

We had gorgeous weather here this weekend. I had a nice lunch by the water on Friday and visited this amazing greenhouse on Saturday. Logee's is in Danielson, CT and specializes in tropical plants.

You go down a few steps into a maze of plants (some over 100 years old). As you make your way through the narrow aisle the fragrant smell changes with every corner. This weekend the smell was from all the citrus blossoms, including the 5lb lemon tree (6th photo). It was so nice and warm and humid in there, I can't wait for summer.

I've been looking for an air pant for a while now and I found a really cool big one there. I'll take some pictures soon. Their so fun looking!

I hope you had a great weekend too.

P.S. 52 Weeks is up, check it out here. I have 2 weeks to add to the Roll a Week Project tomorrow, including more pictures from Logee's.


  1. love! feels like spring! sounds like you had a lovely weekend! mine was fun! lots of good quality time with the girls. have a happy week!

  2. Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those great photos...I wannna go! :)

  3. I love Spring and I'm so glad that the weather is finally warming up! I've never been inside of a greenhouse but I would too someday.
    I really love the last photo of the open door.

  4. A green house is such a great place to relax, meditate and enjoy the plants and flowers.


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