Mar 3, 2010

Through my Window - Beth

Beth from Dirty Laundry sent me this great shot through her front and back window.
Big kudos to Beth for finding some beauty in going to work. ;)
Love the sunrise in the rear view and the iPhone photography.

If you would like to be part of the series, send your view to amy[at] Only rule is it has to be through a window...any window will do.


  1. hehe
    thanks, babe!!! I snapped it, then instantly thought of you! ;D

  2. That's so cool...I think I must be super tired, cuz at first glance, I thought the rearview mirror was an airplane...and the bright sun spot looked like the cargo area...

  3. I really need to download that Iphone app. LOVE that shot!

  4. Great photo indeed. This reminds me of one of my trips travelling on the Panamerican highway across Chile. There I had the same awesome experience of the beautiful sunrise in the early morning blowing away the fog and cold breeze of the night. Enjoy your weekend dear Amy, big hug for you.


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