Feb 16, 2010

Through my Window - Shannon

Today's view comes from Shannon of Happiness is...
Shannon says her view is of the side of a building so she sent this
beautiful view is from her parents' house outside of Seattle instead.
The house you grew up in always sort of feels like home, doesn't it?
I love the view of the water through those evergreens and the half circle garden.

This is the last photo in the Through my Window series. Thank you to everyone that contributed. I will still keep the series as a special. If you would like to send your view, email me at amy[at]no15creative.com


  1. Thank you Amy! Aw, yes, it will always be home to me. I was there this past weekend actually. It's such a peaceful place :) xo

  2. Wow! What a great view! Love the water back there!

  3. Oh it's so beautiful, the trees, view and that fab garden.

  4. What a beautiful view!! I just love the evergreens and the garden! :)


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