Feb 15, 2010

Princess for a Day

How were your weekends? Good I trust. Tell me what you did for Valentine's Day...

I'm super excited today! When my job was sent over seas last year, I qualified for a program get schooling paid for. For the last few weeks I've been working on an application to get my classes at Rhode Island School of Design paid for. And today I found out it was approved! So for the next year I'll be working to complete a web design certificate there.

I'm so excited that I feel like wearing one of these gorgeous head pieces from Chiefs of Enchantment. How cute are these lace and pearl headbands? Perfect for your next party or just a fun night out. Available here on Etsy.

(images from Chiefs of Enchantment on Etsy. Found via Daily Candy)

P.S. 52 Weeks is up. Check it out here.


  1. Congratulations! That's SO exciting!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

  2. congrats, babe!!! that is soooo awesome!!

  3. How exciting for you! And what a great photo. I can't wait to see your work. Huge congrats :)

  4. Thanks so much everyone!!!! xoxo

  5. How exciting! Congratulations!!
    And I must say that those head pieces are gorgeous.


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