Feb 17, 2010

From the Domino Files

I've been working on organizing this file folder I have of magazine tears. I'm putting them into a binder so I can flip through them easily. Today I organized the ones from Domino. They had such great inspiration!

This is one of my favorites. It is Richmond home of Katie Ukrop, photographed by Paul Costello. I love all the furniture, the pastel colors and airy feel of the rooms.

(images from Domino Magazine Aug. 2008)


  1. If only I could be that organized! It definitely is a beautiful home. xo

  2. You know I'm doing the same things? I'm checking all the magazines I have and I'm cutting only the things and the pics I'm interested in, then I glue them in a big notebook ( interiors, clothes, bakery, recipes)... soon I'll have to move and I need to clean and throw away all the usless things I've collected!

  3. Gaia, I'm doing the same thing. Next year when I finish classes I'm hoping to be moving. I have so much stuff it will take me a year to get it all organized again. hehe


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