Dec 8, 2009

Through my Window - Gaia

Today's view comes from the lovely Gaia of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
It is the view out her Italian apartment window.
I love how the tree frames that pretty building...I love the clay tile roof.
Wouldn't it be great to take a walk under those trees?

Please pass the word on about the series. Remember any view is good; through any kind of window (home, office, restaurant, hotel, subway all goes as long as its through a window). If you would like to join the series, please send your view to amy[at]no15creative[dot]com.


  1. Lovely! When I can get my better camera to work I'll get you a few. Hopefully soon! And, I love Gaia, isn't she fab? ;oP

  2. Wow, to have that gorgeous view. What a lucky lady!

  3. How lovely - unexpectedly colourful and verdant, and the shade of blue on the shutters is perfect.

  4. Fantastic!!!!
    I'm so happy you did it!
    Do you think I can add to my wall on my FB page?

    And I'll tell everybody on my blog's page!
    How are you?

  5. what a beautiful image.

  6. Thanks ladies... are so fantastic too! You made my day...I'm a bit "blue" and I need all those messages!

    Love you

  7. What a gorgeous view Gaia!!! This is a lovely series Amy. I'm new to your blog - I came here from Gaia's facebook! I'm glad I stopped by, I would love to submit my view :)

    Saskia x

  8. I'm so jealous! Italy??? Wow...beautiful!


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