Dec 7, 2009

Caroline Swift

These beautiful ceramics are by Caroline Swift. I love how delicately thin they are. Almost like they could be made from paper. The light through the tea lights has such a nice, warm feeling.

These bone china spoons are also beautifully made. The pattern reminds me of old elegant silver settings.

Caroline also has these amazing glass bud vases in her design collection. I love their unique shapes and the color variations in the mandarin ones are lovely.

She also has a line of cashmere and dresses on her website.

These would make great Christmas gifts. I know would be so excited to receive any of these.

P.S. 52 Weeks is up. Check it out here.

(images Caroline Swift website)


  1. Oh wow, these are so beautiful and delicate looking. I love the bowls and the tea light holders!

  2. You have a gorgeous blog! I'm so happy you commented on my blog and thank you for your support.

  3. They ARE beautiful! At first I really did think they were paper!

  4. These pieces are just so beautiful. What a clever lady.


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