Sep 1, 2010

Galilee + Point Judith

The other week I took my mom to Galilee, RI for her birthday. She wanted to eat at this little seafood restaurant there. While eating we got this wonderful view of all the boats coming in to dock. Down from the restaurant is the Block Island ferry terminal so there were ferry boats as well as lobster and fishing boats.

After we drove down the road a bit to the Point Judith lighthouse. It is still an active light on the tip of Narragansett Bay. There is a rocky beach and a grass area where you can sit and watch the waves and the surfers. They will have good surf this week as a hurricane is passing by off shore (well, hopefully off shore, the path is still a bit unsettled).

There are more photos over on A Roll a Week. As well as some photos I took at the fair over the weekend.

Sorry for the absence around here. I am just not feeling all that inspired or feel like using the computer for that matter. I think I'm still just enjoying my weeks off from school. I head back on September 13th for a web development coding class and a photo lighting class. One not so fun and one fun one.
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