Apr 14, 2010

A Roll a Week

I got back 2 more rolls of film for the A Roll a Week project. I put up week 12 in two posts. One on Mystic, Ct and the other on ordinary light. Please stop by and have a look.

No photos for weeks 13 & 14, I got all messed up with being sick and not taking pictures. For some reason the photos for Week 15 were not put on CD by the photo lab so after I go buy a scanner tonight, I'll be putting them up. They are all shots of spring blooms, so I'm super excited to see them. Week 15 is up too, it's all spring blooms.

I want to thank you all for bearing with me on this project. I'm hoping it will run more smoothly from here. I never expected how hard this would be, both finding a subject during the winter months and more importantly finding the money to do this. But, I will be extending the project out by the weeks I missed so it equals 52 weeks total in the end.
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