Apr 15, 2010

Cuban Color

I have had a long standing love affair with Cuba. I love the architecture, the worn buildings, the textures, the culture, the history, and especially the colors. One day I hope the US lifts it's embargo with Cuba and I can see it for myself. Until then I have the photographs of Micheal Eastman to satisfy my need. What fascinates me most about these images is that rather than change the past (modernize), the Cubans live within it.

This series is in contrast to some of Eastman's other works of documenting the remains of modern society. He has a series called Vanishing America, showing the side of American history long since forgotten by time and modernization - the old movie houses, candy counters, independent small businesses; now replaced by modern movie multiplexes, corporate chains and shopping malls. I'm not opposed to change or modernization but there is just something beautiful in the old and preserving that character.

You can see more of Eastman's work here.

(images found on Trendland)
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