Jan 13, 2010

Pretty Papers

Have you seen these beautiful hand-printed wallpapers by British artist Deborah Bowness? She incorporate photographs of dress, mirrors, book, chairs, lamps and ornate patterns into her panel designs. These are more like art pieces than wallpaper. She also sells kits like the frames below. These actually make me want to trying to wallpaper again.

(images from Deborah Bowness website)


  1. Oh yes, I so admire her designs and have been eyeing her dress paper for ages, though then I tell myself that I'd have to declutter drastically in the dressing-room before I could have this lovely deliberate clutter. The lamps are gorgeous too.

  2. love the wallpapers! I have been eyeing them for a while.

  3. that is soooooo pleasing to the eye! TFS!

  4. Oh, how I want all of these.
    The book shelves are my favorite.


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