Jan 14, 2010

Please help

Clarens Renois-AFP/Getty Images

Ivanoh Demers-AP

Carol Guzy-The Washington Post

It's just awful to hear and see all the pictures coming out of Haiti this morning. As President Obama urged this morning, please make a donation of any size if you can. Here are a few links:

Red Cross


Mercy Corp

Doctors without Borders

or you can also text "HAITI" to 90999 on your cell phone and donate $10 (USD) to the rescue and recovery effort. Your cell phone bill will show this donation and 100% of it goes to the Red Cross.

(all images from The Washington Post website)


  1. What a terrible disaster. I'm on the Red Cross website right now just about to donate.
    Thank you so much for the links.

  2. I know, it's just the most horrendous disaster... and it's getting worse for the poor people there each day. I'm not sure if this is just for the UK, but you can also donate on www.dec.org.uk which is an umbrella organisation for lots of charities (The Red Cross, Worldvision etc.)


  3. These pictures make me so sad!

  4. Hi Amy, thanks for publishing the links and the information. Helping is so needed now for these poor people of Haïti. When we all donate or send help in any form the society can be built up again. I hope that the hospitals can be reconstructed to nurse the thousands of wounded people and children.


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