Nov 12, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld...the teddy bear

So while we are on the topic of expensive children's gifts (see earlier post on $1200 children's book). The F. A. O. Schwarz catalog just came in the mail. It is full of great kids gifts but for those hard to buy fashionista children, you can get a limited edition Karl Lagerfeld bear from Steiff. It is just over 15" high and was designed in collaboration with the man himself.

This bear doesn't wear just any clothing, it comes with:

- An Italian wool black jacket
- A white poplin shirt with standing collar and faux button holes
- Jeans with a patina to match the K Karl Lagerfeld collection
- A black silk cravat with a Swarovski crystal tack
- Black leather belt, complete with Lagerfeld's initials in crystals
- Tailor made boots
- Miniture version sunglasses from Lagerfeld's eyewear collection.

He retails for $1499.99 US.

I promise more reasonably priced holiday gifting posts from now on but isn't it grand to look. :)

(image from F. A. O. Schwarz)


  1. It's fantastic! I won't ever buy it but I have to admit that is great and I said that as an ex teddy bear's collector!

    Thanks for your comment and I'm so glad we are FB "friends" much more direct!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I agree with Gaia, I would never buy it either, but it's pretty cool!


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