Nov 19, 2009

Bento Box

Look what I won! I want to say thanks again to Joanna of Simple Blueprint and Mimi of Bento Box Gifts for the lovely Holiday Karma bento box.

It is full of all sorts of goodies. There is a chocolate hand towel cupcake with cherry magnet topper, fortune cookies and a fortune folio to keep all my fortunes in, a luck wishbone (it's synthetic, no worries), a lucky die charm and lucky penny, red cherry blossom note cube, and some lucky lip balm. As well as a pencil, dessert eraser and a wishing paper - to write all my troubles or worries on. You put it in water and watch your troubles vanish.

These would make a great holiday gift for some one. Mimi has a great assortment of boxes. I love the Karma in a Can. Too cute! Check out Bento Box Gifts website here.


  1. Thanks, Amy! I'm so delighted that you're enjoying all Bento Box goodies -- or as one customer put it, the "frivolity in a box"!

  2. That's a good haul, Amy, and the patterns are lovely.

  3. That's so cool! I blogged about bento boxes today too :)


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