Oct 11, 2009

Sunday Special

Last week was so crazy I didn't get to do a Photo Friday post but I have something special for you today. My friend Denny and his wife Olga recently spent a few weeks in Indonesia. Denny has been very kind to let me share some of his pictures with you. It looks amazingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy them - please click on them to see the full size images (especially the panoramas.)


Jakarta at night

Tea plantation outside of Jakarta


Southern Bali

Southern Bali

Balinese theater at the resort

A Balinese dance performance called Kecak

Isn't he so cute sleeping on the step?

After staying by the beach for 5 days they moved inland to the mountains, in Ubud - the center of Bali.

Rice field near Ubud

Part of the Balinese rain forest near their resort.

They stayed at the Nandini Resort. It has these beautiful villas built into the mountain side. This is the pool near their villa. Don't you want to be lounging there or doing some yoga?

(images by Denny Christiawan)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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