Oct 12, 2009

Roseland Cottage

My weekend has been amazingly busy. I've visited with some old friends and met some new friends. I finally got time to go back to yoga. Went to a Scottish Highland Games event. (I took tons of great pictures here; check back very soon for a post.) Today I had lunch with my mom and took some photos here at the Roseland Cottage.

The Roseland Cottage is in Woodstock, CT. It was the summer home of Henry Chandler Bowen and his family back in the 19th century. The grounds contain an ice house, carriage barn (with bowling alley), a garden house and a boxwood patterned garden. The coral pink color is original to the house - not really a common color in New England now. They encourage picnics on the grounds and hold events like teas, concerts, and next weekend is the annual arts and crafts festival.


  1. What a beautiful cottage. I grew up in a pink house, so it's not that shoking to me...LOL...

  2. you found my future house. :o)



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