Oct 15, 2009

Highland Games

Last Sunday I attended a Scottish Highland Games event. It is an all day event including piping competitions, dancing, music, food and Scottish games - Sheaf Toss & Taber Throw. There was a section that was set up for each clan to offer information about heritage and their specific tartan.

Each person had their own take on attire. I really like all the detail in the socks.

At the athletic competitions.

Before we left we watched a demonstrations on how to wear the tartan kilt. It was originally your bed blanket as well as your kilt. In the morning you would shake it out and lay it completely flat. Then you begin to pleat the center section. Laying on the plaid you wrap yourself in it and belt together at the wast. The rest is up to your desires. If it's cold it wraps the shoulders. If it's raining it can be a cloak with hood. If it is warm you can tie it over one shoulder. Who knew Scottish attire was so versatile back in history.

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  1. it looks a bit cold for winter, but i guess the scottish people are hardy!
    the socks look just like the ones our guys wear with traditional costumes here in norway! some of the socks have intricate patterns that make the legs look more muscular =D


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