Oct 14, 2009

English Eclectic

English designer, David Carter, has turned his home into a new boutique hotel in the heart of London. His idea was to give creatives a great place to stay for half the coin. There are two bedrooms available at 40 Winks, going for £65 - £85 a night. I don't think I'll be able to get back to London this year but there is great inspiration to be drawn form all his spaces. Lets take a tour.

I really like the green and gold walls of the sitting room, the mix of Asian accents with antiques and modern pieces, and the pops of color. It looks like a nice cozy space to relax after a day of shopping or to have a chat before going to dinner.

The music room is a nice contrast to the dark sitting room. The space looks airy and bright with the white walls and subtle patterns. The large piece hanging over the fireplace is a nice alternative if you don't have a mantle.

The first of the bedrooms available carries on the light feel with it's southern exposure allowing for lots of natural light. The dressmakers form and the Queen Mary life preserver add touches of whimsy. I like to find really unusual pieces at flea markets and antique shops to decorate with. Most of them are usually pretty inexpensive too.

The grey striped walls really give this room an chic feel and with the neutral bedding it doesn't feel too busy.

Finally after a good night's sleep, how about breakfast in this rustic kitchen. I really like the unique shape of the dinning chairs.

(images from 40 Winks)


  1. Stunning! I love the black and white stripes wallpaper in the bedroom!
    English are eccentric with a unique style! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I live here, but would gladly take a "home" holiday in the Queen Anne room. What a treat!

  4. Loving your blog - tons of great inspiration!


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