Aug 4, 2009

The Rough Cut

I love these solitaire rings from Bona Drag. The rough cut stones are all uniquely beautiful.

The top ones are made from Herkimer diamond - a double pointed quartz crystals. According to their website during the Civil War unscrupulous jewelers would often try to pass these off as real diamonds.

The bottom image is 10Kt gold with rough cut emeralds.

(images from Bona Drag's website)


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous!!! I love rough cut stones, they definitely are unique, they have an unpolished look that I love :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my guest blog post on the English Muse!

  2. Bling bling!!!

    I love the Herkimer could be my best friend!

  3. some people take their diamonds way too seriously...! it's nice to see tongue in cheek but still super pretty stones like these.


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