Aug 3, 2009

Roadside Attractions

So this weekend I finally saw The Hangover. It is so outrageously funny. But it got me thinking about roadside attractions and Las Vegas. I have always wanted to shoot photos at the Neon Graveyard - the place where old signs from the strip go to retire. I was looking on Flickr and found Lost America. Troy Paiva's photos of the "abandoned west" are just beautiful. He has two books out Lost America and Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration. Lost America is out of print but I'm determined to find a copy and to someday take my own photos in the Neon Graveyard.

Until then there are some great roadside attractions in New England. Connecticut has dinosaurs and giant frogs sitting on thread spools, Rhode Island has a great big blue bug and numerous Mister Potato Heads. There is a great Teepee on the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts and a Milk Bottle in Boston. What's your favorite roadside attraction?

(Images from Lost America's Photostream. More images on the Lost America website.)

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  1. I saw the movie too...the best part is when Mike Tyson sing the Genesis or phil collins song!
    I'd like to visit las vegas and maybe in the future we will do a road trip over there and in California too!
    Have a nice week!


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