Aug 28, 2009

Photo Friday - Fair Night

The local agricultural fair opened last night. It was a lot of fun taking these photos of the rides at night. I really like all the colors.

I need to work on taking pictures of fireworks though - this is the best of 40 shots. I had this plan to use a tripod and get these great pictures but they started the fireworks 15min early and the tripod was still in the trunk. I think that would have greatly helped.

Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. Does anyone know why my photos look pixelated in this smaller version? I wish I knew how to put bigger pictures on blogger.


  1. I love the fireworks photo :)

  2. I love Luna Park an the fire works! Your pics are fantastic. Magnific colors!

  3. Love the candy-colored ferris wheel photo - great light & color!

  4. OOOO! I LOVE THEM!! These are all so great! Really! I can't pick a favorite! But I do like the slight movement you can see in the second photo of the shorter rides... The sky is also fantastic in that photo! Makes me almost hear the carnival! Beautiful night captures!!


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