Jul 27, 2009

Pop Up Art

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I was browsing the blog world and found this article on Inside Out that I just had to share. It is an interview with Benja Harney, a paper artist and the creator of the amazing work above. He's recent work includes a pop up book for Harper's Bazaar Australia. See the more here.

I really love the idea of 3-D silhouettes. I have always had this fascination with simple silhouettes. I think because my mom made my brother and I sit for ones when we were 5 and they have hung in the living room ever since. The 3-D clothing adds a beautifully detailed element this is still simplistic enough not to detract from the silhouette. The paper frames are just amazing too.

Benja's website is great. I love the small touches of animation he uses to aid in the pop-up feel.

(Images from Inside Out.)


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