Jul 28, 2009

Chair Affair

International Corrugated Packaging Foundation and the American Institute of Architecture Students sponsors the 2009 Chair Affair Competition. The competition is for students only and they must create a chair with just cardboard and glue. First place went to “Hole on Hole” by Jessica Leung. Tied for second place were “Profile and Silhouette” by Winston Mi and Jessica Brown and “A Corrugated Chair or a Chair Made of Corrugated” by Sarah Clement and Michael Wallace. I love the clean lines of "Profile and Silhouette" but don't you just want to try out the other two?

When I was in art school we had to do this project for 3-D Design class. I remember thinking there is no way cardboard and glue can hold a person. Once you begin construction though it seems like anything is possible. These designs are soooo much cooler than the arm chair I created but I'm still proud of my little cardboard chair. Sadly, we threw it out years ago after it got wet in storage.

(Images from aias.org and are in order of place.)


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