Aug 23, 2010

A round church in Vermont

I'm back from Vermont and from a few days off here. I had a great time in Vermont even if the weather was a bit uncooperative (i.e. cloudy). I didn't take as many pictures as I had planned. Last week that bothered me, but after thinking about it more I think it is okay. A lot of what made the trip so good was all the time I spent doing things with Mark and my family and I think that is something I want to keep to myself. I hope you don't think that is selfish. I am thinking of going back in the fall with the specific purpose of taking pictures but I'm not sure yet.

I did get a few pictures to share with you of two really nice and uniquely Vermont places. One is the round church above and the other is the gardens at the Trapp Family Lodge. I'll share the gardens tomorrow here and on a Roll a Week but, back to the round church. The Round Church was built in 1812-1814 in Richmond, VT. One theory on the shape is that if it is round there are no corners for the devil to hide it. But round architecture seems to be popular in Vermont, there a couple round barns. It is currently used for weddings, special events and public gatherings. You can also take a tour of the inside. There was a wedding there the day we visited and then it was closed. I did get one picture through the window so you can see the inside.

Plus it is right next to this really cute antique shop...

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