Jun 28, 2010

Beavertail State Park + A Roll a Week

This weekend was wonderful. The internet was still driving my nuts (I think it is my wireless card and not just the internet signal itself), I needed a break from school and homework, so I took the weekend off to go where ever it led me. On Friday, Mark and I went to Beavertail State Park out on the very tip of Jamestown, RI. It is so nice there. The light house in on the end and there are grass areas to sit and have picnics, sunbathe, or play. Along the edges are rocky out croppings where you can fish or sit and watch the waves -that's what Mark and I did. This time there were quiet a few artist painting different views of the light and the ocean. It was neat to watch them work.

There are more photos over on A Roll a Week. Please have a look. It's such a beautiful place.

Saturday, I took my mom down to Mystic, CT for some shopping and lunch. We ate at a restaurant called, Bravo Bravo, near to the draw bridge. They had a delicious polenta dish I want to try to make for Tasty Tuesday next week. On Sunday, Mark and I went to the RI Air Show. I'll have a post on that later this week.

I hope you all had wonderful weekend. I'd love to hear about them.

P.S. 52 Weeks is up.
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