May 10, 2010

A Roll a Week + a Greenhouse

Have you ever been somewhere and you feel like it could be home? I get that feeling when ever I am by the ocean.

One of my favorite spots is Harkness Memorial Park and the Eolia Mansion. The park is a 200+ acre seaside summer home and working farm of Edward and Mary Harkness. You might remember the photos I took there last fall for the Photoswap. This trip I discovered the greenhouse.

While walking around I met a wonderful historian who told me all about the greenhouse and the restoration project the Friends of Harkness have planned. It is an original Lord and Burnham style greenhouse consisting of three sections and a main plant house for the boilers and water. (If you looked down from above it would make the same of a capital I.) The first photo would be the right wing, when restored this will be used to grow annuals and perennials for their flower sales. The second photo is the left wind, this was originally used for the Harkness' tropical plants. The back section (shown in the last two photos) is the grapery, it contains the oldest grape vines in Connecticut. This will be for historical use when restored and the grapery will be maintained. The third photo is the the center section and the main plant house.

I think it will be wonderful to see it restored but I kind of like it as is. All the original woodwork with the over growth of plants just has something so appealing about it.

You can see more pictures from my trip to Harkness Park over on A Roll a Week and Flickr. It's also my photo for 52 Weeks too. Check them out and let me know what you think. I love to hear your thoughts on my photos.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
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