Mar 13, 2010

A Roll a Week

I just wanted to drop by and let you know that A Roll a Week is now updated. This week is Week 11 but I haven't taken any photos yet so I may start new next week.

I did however decide on how to proceed with the project. I was inspired by this set; I'm going to approach this as a diary of shorts and shoot pictures all week of ordinary objects that strike my fancy. It might be the light hitting a plant on my window or something I see watching to school, whatever inspires me at the moment. I'm still going to continue to do pictures at places I visit but now I don't feel obligated to go somewhere every week for this project. Sound good?


  1. Beautiful photo. I love how you take the ordinary things of life and capture such beauty!

  2. So pretty, I wish I had a yard for a garden.


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