Mar 25, 2010

A picnic

Yesterday I also had lunch and dinner with two friends. Since most of my friends live a drive a ways from where I am currently living it makes for a really nice time when we do get to visit. We sit and talk forever catching up and enjoying good food. It got me thinking how nice it would be to have a picnic with all of you.

We could find a nice little spot in a clearing and lay out some of these pretty blankets.

Maybe a little cheese and fruit to start.

A little grilled fish for lunch...

...and all sorts of yummy desserts.

We could have a little fire to take the chill away...

and if it starts to get dark, we can always hang these little lanterns in the trees.

What do you think? Want to have a little picnic?

(all images from the Toast Home to Home catalog - so happy when arrived in my mailbox yesterday).


  1. That looks so inviting! Love the lanterns hanging in the tree...

  2. Yes! I want to have a beautiful relaxing picnic now :)

  3. Hahaha! Love this post. I'm thrilled with our little picnic. It was a swell time. Thanks for bringing the cheese :) xo

  4. Wonderful images, I love picnics because there you can unite eating, nature, relaxation and friendship or family relations. Wonderful.

    (My blog has changed to a new address, I invite you for a visit if you like)


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