Jan 7, 2010

Winter Beauty

I love these winter photos from Vogue Korea. The first one is my favorite (her make-up and the colors) but, I also like hints of color in the others against the cold greyness of the landscape. The clothing and styling are beautiful. Can I get some faux fur versions of all of these sent my way?

(Images via Trendland)


  1. Oh my goodness! These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm with you...the 1st one is my favorite as well. Wow...these would make great wall hangings!

  2. These are just great! They're so haunting and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Oh! and I wanted to tell you that I've moved blogs. :) Formerly http://www.mywordss-myheart.blogspot.com, I am now over at http://www.lovecommalisa.com. Hope you're having a beautiful year so far!

  3. Oh such porcelain beauty, defying the makeup-melting rain and snow!

  4. Wow - these are stunning. They remind me of the book, Snow flower and the secret fan. Thank you for the early birthday wishes! Hope you're enjoying your weekend and you were able to get some beautiful sunny snow pics! xo


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