Jan 5, 2010

Through my Window - Mise

Today's view is from Mise of Pretty Far West.
She sent me this great view out her window of the mist over the sea in Ireland.
I would love someday to live by the sea.

If you would like to be part of the series, send your view to amy[at]no15creative.com


  1. Mise, this is your view??? Crazy beautiful. Amy, love this series.

  2. Mise - what an amazing view - fantastic - Amy thanks for sharing with us

  3. Wow, I would too one day love to live with a view on the sea from the French window of my sitting room. We often go on car trips around West Cork and I marvel at those lovely houses by the sea.

  4. Beautiful, Mise. And what a great idea, Amy!


  5. I always imagined Mise had a stunning view like this! I would die of happiness if I had this view every day!


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