Jan 19, 2010

Pay it Forward

I just saw this fabulous idea over at 74 Lime Lane, Holi Goddess and A Little Red Dress. It's called Pay it Forward and here is how it works:
  1. I make a handmade gift for the first 3 people to comment on this post.
  2. I have 365 in which to send you the gift
  3. The gift is a total surprise...I love this part.
Here's the catch, you have to do it to - hence the name Pay it Forward. Write a post on your blog and keep this project moving forward.

Let's see I have papers galore, a whole bag of lace, drawers of beads, tins of buttons, film up to wazoo...hmm what shall I make :)


  1. Hey Amy, of course you can take part in my pay it forward. You're number three! Just wondering how you came across my blog?

  2. Hi Amy,

    I'm Amy too :) I also got this idea from 74 Lime Lane and posted it on my blog yesterday. Since I'm commenting on yours too, I'm going to pledge to send six gifts instead of three. You can email me at amelioratic[at]gmail.com to get my address.

    Thanks for doing this! Isn't it a great idea?


  3. Hello Amy!!!, happy belated birthday to youuuuu!, hope you had a lot and lots of fun, and thank you for the yummy macaronis recipe!. PIF swaps are always really funny, you're going to enjoy it!, I'd like to participate, and have another of your piece of art :D, yay!, it's really tempting me, but I can't get attatched to it right now, I need to make my gifties and send them!, I'll see the beauties you're going to make instead :(

  4. HEY GREAT!!!! cant wait to send you a little piece of handmade lovliness. if you could also link back to my blog aswell that'd be super! x and email me your postal address to jadeholi@hotmail.com so that one day in the next 365 i can send you something. jade holi

  5. That is a truly wonderful idea! I hope it keeps going, so that everyone can receive a gift this year.

  6. Happy bilated birthday! So sorry!

    great project...

  7. Hi Amy,

    Of course you can be one of the six. Just email you address to amelioratic[at]gmail.com :)

  8. Hi! I was told i should play the game on your blog because i missed a spot on one of the other blogs i've been reading! If you don't have any room no worries i'll still post it on my blog and give my readers a chance to play the game! :)


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