Dec 21, 2009

The Ultimate Wish List

I have seen a few of these wish lists out there and thought it might be fun to indulge. This is the wish list you would make if money where no object.
  1. A black Fleur Fit and Flare Coat from Reiss (
  2. The Amp it Up 18K gold and turquoise bracelet from Satya Jewelry (
  3. 18K gold and garnet sea urchin ring from Paris Otto Design (
  4. A Hasselblad 503CW Medium format camera (
  5. A first edition copy of J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye (
  6. Hope for the Future Gift through Heifer International organization. (
Just a little note about the last item. This is a gift of $25,000 USD toward reaching men, woman and children who are starving by helping them raise livestock, farm, and provide sustainable food sources and income. I can only wish to make a donation that large but Heifer has many levels of donation. I'm going to give a gift of honeybees to a needy family this year. It's only $30 USD but it can boost a whole village by sales of honey, beeswax and pollen. As well as pollinate near by crops doubling some of their yield.

What would your fantasy list look like?

P.S. This weeks 52 Weeks is up. Check it out here.


  1. oh, how lovely! i love your list. the coat and camera are just amazing! and i love that part of your dream list includes helping others. :) great inspiration!

  2. I love the collar on that coat! And what an awesome charity. My dream list is a vacation. It feels like it's been so long since I've had one! :) xo

  3. Love the coat and the camera! I'm a big fan of Heifer International too. I've given and received Kiva gift cards for Chrismtas too - you can give a microloan to a fledgling business, and you can read up about what type of business the entrepreneur is starting and how it will help their community. It's amazing how far $25 will go.

    Merry Christmas Amy!

  4. I'm afraid I'll have to have that coat myself but I can reluctantly allow you to have everything else. The honeybees are a tremendous idea: I must investigate. Happy Christmas, Amy! Have a lovely relaxing holiday.


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