Dec 1, 2009

Through my Window - Kate

Today's view is from Kate of The Fabric of my Life.
A perfect frosty picture to welcome in December.
I love that little bit of warm light still left in the sky.

Please pass the word on the series. I love seeing all you views and hope to extend this into the new year with your help. Remember any view is good through any kind of window (home, office, shop, car, train, doll all goes as long as its through a window). If you would like to join the series, please send your view to amy[at]no15creative[dot]com.


  1. Love the frostiness of the picture. Perfect for the season :)

  2. What an amazing photo. It makes me want to be all cozy inside!

  3. What a sweet idea for a series. Thank you for the inspiration. I love your blog!! xoxo


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