Dec 3, 2009

Kids Christmas

* Okay, I feel the need to preface this post by stating I do not have kids so I am a little out of my realm here. That said...

Yesterday, I did a White Christmas post and the lovely Mise said she likes all the serene looks but asked what to do with the delicate handmade children's Christmas ornaments. So since I love you all I'm going to do a kids Christmas post.

How about their own tree...

Before you tell me I'm off my rocker. I found this cute little 24-inch tree at Target for under $20 US.

Still no good. How about decorating the regular tree with the children's theme.

Add their ornaments and some brightly colored shiny ball ornaments. I pretty red tree skirt or a whimsical one like this with polka dots (from Land of Nod).

How am I doing? No disasters yet, right. Okay how about getting them to help make garland. You could so the stung popcorn (I hated this as a kid, I always picked my finger with the needle and it seemed to go on forever...maybe because someone always ate the popcorn.) For something different how about this.

This one is made from old Christmas cards but I think it would be cute with wrapping paper or construction paper. Just cut out circular shapes (no need to be perfect, it adds to the whimsy). Take a line of string and lay it down over one of the circles. Glue an other circle on top and you have garland. Too much mess, okay take one circle and tape it to the line of string or as shown above use colored office dot stickers to hold the string to the circle. No sticky fingers.

While looking for ideas I found a few more cute ideas to get the kids involved in the decorating.

This is cute. The red dot is one of those circular magnet board. Magnet tape is adhered to the back of the clothes pin. Decorate the fronts with drawings. A great way to hold all the cards and drawings your kids bring home. If you can't find the magnet circle, I think a circle of felt would work just fine. Change the magnet on the clothes pin for some Velcro.

This looks like a really fun idea and I like drawing with kids. Take large sheets of craft paper, paper bag, copy paper, etc (as long as it is easily fold-able - you don't want to be fighting with it the night before Christmas) and have kids design your Christmas gift wrap. I love the one with the practice letters.

This little door knocker is cute too. It's made from cut apart egg crates and colored with paint or marker. Dip the edges in glue and then glitter. Punch a hole in the center for the kids. Have them string a bell onto some yarn or ribbon. Tie one end before the hole in the egg crate (so bell hangs down a little) thread the other end through the hole and secure all strands together at top and tie around door knob.

So how did I do? Not too bad, right? I hope so.

A has two little luvs and I'm looking forwards to getting them Christmas gifts. I'm trying really hard not to buy them everything cute I see.

A quick thanks to Martha Stewart Living website for these ideas. What would we do without Martha.

(All images from Martha Stewart website; except small tree - Target & polka dot tree skirt - Land of Nod)


  1. You did really well! Anyone would think you'd had firsthand experience of the sort of chaos children bring. I particularly like the string of cardboard circles, the egg-carton bells, and the idea of decorating their own small tree. My 2 girls will be told that tomorrow's make and do session is courtesy of their new honorary Auntie Amy.

  2. Thanks Amy - I've been looking for crafty project to do with my 4 year old, and I think we'll try making our wrapping paper and the egg carton bells. So cute!

  3. Dear Amy,

    These are some great Kids Christmas decorations, I love the tree on the second photo, I would like to have one right now! Awesome!

    Have a great weekend, enjoy!

  4. Great post! I don't have kids either, but volunteer/work with them at our church's school. These look like some fun projects!


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