Nov 4, 2009

The Simple Table

For the last few days it seems like all I'm doing is sitting at the desk in my room doing work (school work and a couple real work proposals). It's a good thing it's a lovely desk. My desk is an old farmer's table. It's perfect, with the leaf up I can sit quite comfortably and work. I have a ton of space to put all my other pretties too. So in honor of my simple farmer's table here are some other great tables.

...I think my desk needs some flowers.

(Images from 1.-4., 6. - Elle Decor Magazine, 5. Domino Dec/Jan 2008, 7. Living Etc. )


  1. Those are great tables with their honest practicality. I especially love the first one - it looks a bit like an old refectory table. And sturdy tables make great desks, much better than the flimsy fussy things sold as home office furniture.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment, sorry for the late response, hope you're doing great :) Your post just opened my eyes! Lol.. Just to let you know, my blog Maison Chaplin and LuisaViaRoma luxury store of Florence have created a contest which may take you to the next Paris Fashion Week! Come check it out now, you may win! ;)


  3. great, great photos! i too have a farm table that I cannot part with because it's just the right size for crafts, working, eating, fixing....

  4. a good desk is something i am in desperate need of! I always love farmer's tables as desks and these are all some great inspiration.

  5. Love the first one – we used to have a big kitchen table in our old place - but we used to end up just putting junk on it! (Not that our new kitchen table is any different really!)

  6. Love those farm tables. They have such character. Yes ~ go get yourself some pretty flowers for your desk today. You deserve it!


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