Nov 11, 2009

Shade of Grey

Grey is one of my favorite colors. When I tell people I have a grey bedroom they cringe saying "How dark it must be" or "How depressing". I think grey is a beautiful color. Particularly when it is paired with white. It gives a nice crisp and classic look to a room.

On another note, I am quite sad to hear about the closing of Metropolitan Home magazine. It's last issue will be December. Yet another shelter magazine closing due to slowing ad sales. I'm going to have to save my pennies to buy the foreign mags pretty soon.

(Images from 1., 2., 5. Airspace, 3. Roland Bello, 4. Living Etc)


  1. my boyfriend and i are going to paint our living room grey! as soon as we end our lazy weekend streak. these are such lovely shades you have here.

  2. Yes, grey and white is lovely, particularly in stripes. There's a certain shade of quite dark milky grey that works well, I find. I love those two round mirrors. 2010 will be my round year: I feel it coming on.

  3. I wouldn't normally think of using grey, but it is quite lovely...sophisticated and refreshing!


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