Nov 29, 2009

A few photos and an Award

From Souvenir Foto School -Session 2. This session is different; we are paired up and get a new word each week to interpret it as we see fit. This weeks word was "abandoned".

On the topic of photos, 52 Weeks is up. Check it our here.

My good friend Gaia at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has given me this award. My first award, yeah! I'd like to thanks the academy... lol :)

I'm going to pass it on to all of you. Thank you! I love all your wonderful comments and support.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. So funny--one of my pictures I posted about my weekend involves an abandoned truck as well!

  2. Big congrats on your award! I love those photo's, fabulous.

  3. Congrat's on the award...LOVE the photos!


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