Nov 18, 2009

The Collector

When I was in Soho on Monday (my train was late and we missed the workshop so why not go shopping, right?), one shop had these great collections of butterflies. It reminded me I had that top photo in my collection of photos as well as some of these other great collection displays. I collect vintage camera and vintage art posters but I don't have anywhere to display them at the moment. What do you collect? How do you display them?

P.S. Sorry about the Through my Window post being out of order. I didn't realize Blogger would post them in the order I wrote them on Sunday. But I hope you go an check out Heidi's photo.


  1. I collect postcards...but they're just in a box, I have to find a way to display them :)

  2. I love the last photo of all the baking tins! I love collecting ribbons and old lace!

  3. love the baking tins and the silhouette portraits!


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