Oct 28, 2009

Mad Scientist House

With Halloween this weekend, I thought it might be fun to show this Amsterdam loft. The Amsterdam loft was designed by UXUS Design for a very eclectic owner. With the skulls, taxidermy, and Gothic feel this could b the home of a modern day mad scientist. Can't say I want all this in my home but the use of the curtains as room walls and the mix of antiques are really nicely done.

(images via Yatzer)


  1. Hi, I love your blog, and the pictures!
    now following you ;)

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  2. Love those curtains. Those wood pillars and the ceiling is my favorite feature of the house.

  3. Love the bedroom behind the curtain! Great loft even if it's not my style!
    Thanks for your friendship on Facebook and for your wishes!

  4. i'm with you - it looks fab but i wouldn't choose it for myself - although it's not he most scary i've seen =) and the loft in itself looks absolutely fantastic...

  5. that bird in the glass is beautiful


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