Oct 21, 2009

The Centerpiece

When it comes to fall decorating (well really all seasonal decorating) I like subtle things that evoke the feeling rather than Jack-O-Lanterns, witches, and black cats. Don't get me wrong I thing there are a lot of seasonal decorations that are really cute - there just not me. Here are a few ideas for subtle centerpieces.

A bowl of fall fruit or gourds

Fall leaves or flowers in a simple vase

A few cute little pumpkins on a tray. I love these white pumpkins.

An interesting plant or seed pods.

(images from 1. Country Living Oct 2007, 2. & 4. Living Etc, 3. Tine K Home, 5. Canadian House and Home, 6. Bo Bedre


  1. Refreshing! I like the white pumpkins - never seen them before like that! Cool stuff!

  2. Subtle is good. I like the table decoration in the third picture. White pumpkins is a great change from orange ones :)

  3. awesome decorating ideas. :) i enjoy the idea of changing it up and veering from the typical seasonal decorations.

    thank you for your comment on my blog! i enjoy the space you've created here. :)

  4. Hi girl, your blog is very cool, congrats!

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  5. I totally agree, a hint of the season is just enough. We do have eclectic tastes indeed. I notice that your decor selection has a strong Japanese influence in the subtle flowers and bamboo tables. It is a calming look.


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