Sep 28, 2009

Alice in Waterland

Elena Kalis does beautiful underwater photography. She recently did a series based on Alice in Wonderland. I love the way she uses the light so well. There are may more great images in the series on her website.

(via Trend Land, images Elena Kalis)


  1. Oh how beautiful! I love underwater photos, so fun with the alice in wonderland. I am doing a guest post over at Love.Obsess.Inspire on thursday and it will be underwater as well.

  2. Wow...This is my series!!!
    I'm always so excited when I find something about my Alice!
    I've a new project posted on my blog!!!

    p.s.: about my photo classe...I'm so nervous about it...i've to deide to do it or not do it... i'll have to talk in front of other persons and show my pics! So shy to death!


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