Aug 20, 2009

Cool Dresses for the August Heat

It is so ridiculously hot out there (Okay so maybe it is hotter elsewhere but I just got back from a picnic at my old company and I'm hot.) I found these great dresses at Elroy. They are made of eco friendly fabrics - organic cotton, hemp, tencel, and bamboo. These are sure to help beat this heat. Best yet there on sale!

(all photos from Elroy website)


  1. what a cool spread

  2. hi amy, thanks for following my new blog and for your comments! plus thank you for teaching me a new word! (bokeh) i hadn't heard/ noticed it before, so i looked it up. as it turned out, i needed it for tomorrow's blog entry... very strange coincidence!

  3. oh love the dresses! second one my fav.

    thank you for stopping by simple blueprint and commenting! your blog is so cute! happy monday. joanna


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