Jul 8, 2009

An office like this...

waiting room




For the past 4 years; up until May; I have worked in the fashion jewelry industry. The offices are have all been less than amazing (i.e. a dusty cube or worse yet a folding table for a desk). I long to work in a creative space like this.

Ahh...maybe someday....maybe at The Wonderfactory...

The Wonderfactory is a branding and web strategy firm in New York City. They have this amazing office. It's even been featured on the Travel Channels "Most Extreme Workplaces". Even more impressive is there client work.

Check out their work and more pictures of the office on their website.

All pictures from the Wonderfactory website.

1 comment:

  1. I could live in a place like this. I could work and work for hours in a place like this.
    I think that the place where you spend 8 hours a day (at least) should be comfortable, with bright light and big windows! the best it would be a kitchen and a room where to relax during lunch or breaks!

    thanks for stopping by my blog I really appreciated . I hope you'll be back soon!
    Have a nice weekend"!


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