Jun 30, 2009

The Rum Diaries

I just finished reading the Vanity Fair article on Johnny Depp. I can not wait to see him in The Rum Diaries. They couldn't have cast a better person to play Paul Kemp - a freelance journalist (love struck and with an alcohol problem) in Puerto Rico during the 1950's. Depp's understanding of Hunter S. Thompson is sure to make this even better than Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. There is plenty of time to (re)read the book, as the movie is scheduled for 2o1o release.

(Top photo from Totally Gonzo, bottom photo from The Insider website. )


  1. Johnny Depp rocks.

    (Look forward to seeing more from your blog - thanks for linking to me!)

  2. I read the same article this afternoon on the Italian editione of Vanity...I think thet the Rhum Diaries will be a mast read book this summer!


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